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Underground, Jedi Mind Tricks, Atmosphere, Ill, Battle, Local, Bands, Fraze, Goonies, Goon135, Coatesville, Rapper, Hiphop, Gangsta, Kill, plays, FRAZE, LilFraz
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Quick song the kids wanted me to do while jenn is in Cali. They just wanted me to use the small foot beat and wanted to be on it!
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Uploading this old school track produced by my brother Geoff Paugam. This song was originally released in 2004, holla.
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Send me the finished song to I want to hear what YOU can do to it!
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haha just having fun with this dub step beat... SPREAD and download.. show some love for 2012 f*** aa!
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Its a bad mans world, please SHARE DOWNLOAD , show love for your local scumbag.
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Scumbag Records, shout out To Willy carson! Real geometry, scumbag music! In order: Fraze;Knowlage ;Slick 2011! Search us on Youtube, spread the love.
You don't understand, neither do i because I'm all alone! Produced by Willy Carson, Supreme Kings!
Add your verse and send me the finished product! share the music, love the music.
" Plus im so f*** ing sick, they got a charity for me " | Real underground hiphop! Supreme Kings Mother f*** kkka!! in order: c4, Twann, Fraze SPREAD THE LOVE!
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