brother martin and the intangibles
Rock Nashville, TN  USA
Thank you!
psychedelic semi-acoustic folk rock with a conscience, a beat, and a smile
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Peak in sub-genre #8
A song dedicated to all ambulance personnel, firefighters, and police officers....
Peak position #35
from the microcosm to the macrocosm....
Peak position #90
a smooth, romantic instrumental with a surprise inside....
Peak position #84 1 1
This started out as a quiet, ambient instrumental, but then rhythm and sax suggested themselves....
Peak in sub-genre #14
hot reggae for a rapidly heating planet
Peak in sub-genre #30
if the world situation weren't so dire, I'd write more songs like this--dedicated to my wife, Cindy!
Peak in sub-genre #48
there's the small axe....and then there's the big axe....
Peak position #61
in the Occupy pocket.....
Peak in sub-genre #24
ah, the Chinese curse--we live in interesting times.....
Peak in sub-genre #26
a simple idea, a lifetime's work......
Peak in sub-genre #30
we couldn't escape it....even as far off-road as we could walk
Peak position #46
A salute to the Grateful Dead and the spirit they have helped bring into the world
Peak position #57
OK, this time i got the whole song uploaded...sorry to take so long...a nugget of vocal bebop...
Peak in sub-genre #31
the Rastayana Buddhist version of the Heart Sutra....
sometimes it's better to be undefined
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