Skeleton Staff
Pop Sydney, Australia
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Skeleton Staff
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Playlists feat. this artist 57
93 songs by 70 artists
82 songs by 81 artists
166 songs by 108 artists
Melodic, Catchy, Pop, Psych, Harmony, Psychpop Cartoon Band.
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Peak position #2 2 10
The Stray Cats fight it out with the Move in this tale of fashion leading to teenage pregnancy...
Peak position #1 3 10
The tale of a potty mouthed girl haunted by the spirit of Lou's Transformer
Peak position #8 5
XTC attack Crowded House with a nail gun and a couple trying to kill each other for the life insurance get drawn back together.
Peak position #6 2 5
In mod we trust! In the tradition of the great revenge songs of yore, Positively 4th Street careens around a street corner without looking and slams into Taxman!
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