Ally Valentine
Rock United Kingdom
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Re-mix of my song by Chris Charlton, a relation but more a friend. Chris has been is several successful bands, had radio play and toured the world. Thank you for taking your time to do this, m8.
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TV Dinners recorded this in Dundee around 1985. Antony Fortunato - Drums: Graham Aitken - Guitar and backing vocals: Kevin Clark - Bass and backing vocals: Ally Valentine - Guitar and main vocal: Joy Young - backing vocal.
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A gentler song and possibly my favourite.
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Written 21 years ago. Re-recorded 2006. Mid and end sections are a nod to AC/DC (as is whole sound really).
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And so it begins, this game of life, this game of chance.
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Great lyric from Paul about spoiled little rich girls. My daughter, Lisa, makes an appearance as the rich girl.
Catchy rocker about a girl who strays and her bloke finally gets fed up with it. 'this time there was no excuse, I cant take this abuse, she smiles and tells me she'll change' Bass guitar added 30 July 2004.
Paul is taking classes in philosophy and I asked him to write a lyric based on this. Guitar rock recorded 26/10/2003. 'Close your eyes, look around, open your mind, see what you've found'. Great lyric Paul, cheers mate.
Music written/recorded 27 March 2004. Very melodic. Thanks to my son Craig, for use of his Fender Strat. 'In a time and a place of infinite possibilities, She had all the choices and made the wrong one'.
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