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Re-mix of my song by Chris Charlton, a relation but more a friend. Chris has been is several successful bands, had radio play and toured the world. Thank you for taking your time to do this, m8.
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TV Dinners recorded this in Dundee around 1985. Antony Fortunato - Drums: Graham Aitken - Guitar and backing vocals: Kevin Clark - Bass and backing vocals: Ally Valentine - Guitar and main vocal: Joy Young - backing vocal.
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Peak in sub-genre #62
A gentler song and possibly my favourite.
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Written 21 years ago. Re-recorded 2006. Mid and end sections are a nod to AC/DC (as is whole sound really).
Peak in sub-genre #33
And so it begins, this game of life, this game of chance.
Great lyric from Paul about spoiled little rich girls. My daughter, Lisa, makes an appearance as the rich girl.
Catchy rocker about a girl who strays and her bloke finally gets fed up with it. 'this time there was no excuse, I cant take this abuse, she smiles and tells me she'll change' Bass guitar added 30 July 2004.
Paul is taking classes in philosophy and I asked him to write a lyric based on this. Guitar rock recorded 26/10/2003. 'Close your eyes, look around, open your mind, see what you've found'. Great lyric Paul, cheers mate.
Peak position #66
Music written/recorded 27 March 2004. Very melodic. Thanks to my son Craig, for use of his Fender Strat. 'In a time and a place of infinite possibilities, She had all the choices and made the wrong one'.
Peak in sub-genre #11
About a guys last thoughts before dying. "tell me that I've done some good cos I sure have done some bad"
Peak position #68
Bit of a retro sound. Upbeat. A guy misses his ex like a hole in the head. "You left me with nothing, you've taken it all. I'm afraid to show my face in the street. I'm battered, bruised and cut to the bone and I can't stand on my own two feet"
Peak in sub-genre #96
Lyrics by my daughter Lisa, with attitude. "I ain't gonna change for you or anybody else, if you don't like me the way I am, take a good look at yourself" Go for it , girl!!
Mid paced song with interesting lyrics. I like the line "of all the strangers that I know, theres some I've never met"
Peak in sub-genre #60
Song about a guy who has a crush on a girl, and she doesn't ever notice him. "she had that look that made me melt"
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