Impulse (Phil)
Pop qc, Philippines
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pop, good ballads
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Peak in sub-genre #42
Shredhead demo Cliffs of Dover
another entry for kbp pop music fest
Peak in sub-genre #92
worked on the whole instrumentation for jerome's song / trying to convince jerome to talk to close up, palmolive or ponds...
contest entry...
Peak in sub-genre #69
Peak position #85 1
Why - avril lavigne original... Tintin singing my arrangement
a million miles away - joey albert original (as far as i know)
still the same song with some double voice techniques i've been dying to try for the longest time.
working on recording two tracks at once with clarity. i still have along way to go... trying out a new condenser mic. got an officemate to sing after a few bottles of red horse. recording sucks but it was a fun night.
another jingle for the same company
Peak in sub-genre #65
jingle making contest entry
Peak position #92
Pop Ballad/ pinoy 80yish
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