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Looking for a song about sh*biscuits and/or golden chickens? Hasenyager combines comedy and music in order to realize your dreams.
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Peak in sub-genre #34 1
Meaningless a capella chant thing.
Randomly titled accordian song.
Peak in sub-genre #95
If oceapes had evolved in a manner similar to whales from dogs.
For an English project. The music really sucks, because I've never written a musical before.
A 'repitend' or whatever for an English project.
Peak in sub-genre #98
Entropy building up to the heat death of the universe.
Peak in sub-genre #99
An enraged b**** (goshdarn you, soundclick censors) attacks New York city.
The day the monkey is destined to die, all the trees become slippery.
Peak in sub-genre #65
I look kindly upon stem cell research because it's for science, but it is somewhat morally ambiguous... Anyway, I just wanted to write a song about blasticysts.
Peak in sub-genre #79
About relatives who try to make smalltalk. I'm not really as bitter as the song suggests. Actually, smalltalk dispells awkward.
Short simple song I made for hellzies. It's lame, but I like it.
When I'm neither asleep nor awake, I hear voices. This is the wisdom they've imparted to me over the years.
It's the curse of the singer-songwriter to eventually write a song about how we're supposed to change the world.
My first real accordian song.
This song is pretty much public domain. Even if it wasn't, seeing as it's banned, I don't think Disney would care if someone covered it.
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