Ikodo Moonstrife
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Ikodo Moonstrife
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Peak in sub-genre #26
My latest piece of epic melodic trance.....I am quite happy with this piece
Peak position #81
Entirely a piano piece, and also a final project for a music theory class....so this piece had to follow a bunch of rules and guidelines, but I think it came out quite alright.
Peak in sub-genre #97
Peak in sub-genre #11
A soundtrack-ish piece, inpsired by the Namco Tales Series
Peak in sub-genre #73
For anyone who's played the Timesplitters games, does anyone else feel like this song belongs in a Timesplitters game in a level in the early 1900s, because that was one of the first things I thought.
Peak in sub-genre #47
Started this one several months ago, attempting to write something slower and more relaxing using the most realistic sounding acoustic guitar sounds I could find
Peak in sub-genre #77
A trance song composed for a music contest, enjoy! ^^
Peak in sub-genre #32
Slightly longer piece, tried some different things, and as a result, sounds a little different from my ususal trance, Enjoy!
nothing too fancy, some more trance, really liked the melodies in this one and how the piece turned out
A collaboration with music artist Nathaniel Foster or Icewolf......so this piece is not entirely mine, only partially Another classical-ish composition
An updated version of Moonlight River, using more realistic sounding instrumnets
Peak in sub-genre #46
I made such an awesome sounding organ synth that sounded so realistic, I just needed to write some video game boss-like music ^^
Some more epic orchestral trance
Peak in sub-genre #65
A dance song I wrote with lyrics that hopefully will be sung someday either by someone more professional or me, when I have better equipment
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