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Live Acoustic Guitar R&B track. This track intentionally leaves a greater emphasis on the singer's vocals. Prod by Ten Fingaz & Scott Sweeney. For exclusive rights contact: tenfingazproduction@gmail.com
A slow love ballad consisting of a piano, electric piano and a bass guitar. Contact info: tenfingazproduction@gmail.com
Rhodes, live bass, electric guitar and lushful violins envelopes this musical piece. Contact tenfingazproduction@gmail.com for exclusive rights.
For exclusive rights and beat inquiries contact tenfingazproduction@gmail.com
Dark and grimey street music riddled with heavy bassline and an atmospheric synth and church choirs. For exclusive rights contact tenfingazproduction@gmail.com
Lead by menacing sinister strings and heavy brass. For exclusive rights to this instrumental contact tenfingazproduction@gmail.com
Peak in sub-genre #91
The energy this instrumental gives off is on another level. Hip hop music the way it should be. Turn this up in your speakers. Email tenfingazproduction@gmail.com
Peak position #85
As heard on Memphis radio station Hot 107.1 by DJ Rax, produced by Ten Fingaz. Available on iTunes.
Produced by Ten Fingaz and Ayo DLo. Email tenfingazproduction@gmail.com for exclusive rights purchase
To purchase exclusive rights to this instrumental contact me at tenfingazproduction@gmail.com
This got that radio ready energy similar to a Bruno Mars type vibe. Email tenfingazproduction@gmail.com for exclusives. Beat sale buy 2 lease get 3 free.
Peak in sub-genre #98
Crazy momentum EDM/Club music. Email tenfingazproduction@gmail.com for exclusive rights. Buy 2 Leases get 3 Free.
Peak position #10
Every one will judge you, but let them boys hate, just do you - Safe Money.
Peak position #86 3 1
148 BPM: Composed with live electric, bass, strings and a piano. Very energetic, powerful and leading track. Email tenfingazproduction@gmail.com for purchase details.
Peak in sub-genre #26 3
Email tenfingazproduction@gmail.com for exclusive rights purchase.
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