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This is the 4:00 instrumental description of Daytona (featuring a bad resemblance of breakbeats by the way), with elements of club life, the beach, and NASCAR all thrown in.
It's my 6:34 instrumental description of Daytona, with elements of club life, the beach, and NASCAR all thrown in.
Peak in sub-genre #96
This 5:16 song uses a combination of an Italian Baroque Church song with a dash of Melanie C thrown in at the end.
The extended edition of the cancellation single...8:57 in length.
This 'Racing For The Cure' mix has an attitude of 'still going' even though there was no race in October 2005. This was in Princeton, NJ...the race was cancelled due to heavy flooding in the area.
A 4:22 dance/trance tribute to link 194, the Iota Gamma chapter of ZTA who celebrated 25 years as a chapter on January 31, 2006.
Peak in sub-genre #43
The last of the faith, hope, and love trilogy...a 5:14 dance ballad that sounds pretty close in background to 'The 2 Sides Of 4am.'
The longest remix of the bunch...and the fastest in tempo. A 9:41 remix of 'zesty, exhilarating trance adrenaline.' (Alliterate that one!)
The final 8:21 mix when someone finally gets in; remember, experiences differ and again is based upon imagination. (Remember to check out my other mixes of this song--the pledge mix is probably my best along with the original single.)
A 7:10 musical description from the mind of pledging, or new-member orientation of the organization. Gotta do some pretending here, since obviously I did not go through this...I am just basing this on what I've heard from others.
The first in a series of remixes, this is a 7:18 beginning.
The longer 8:52 version of the 158 BPM single.
My interpretation on what Zeta Tau Alpha stands for, as a 4:17 piano instrumental. Lyrics are also included.
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"The Journey" Extended with vocal remix. From the spin off of the Instrumental Original mix from "A brilliant skyline across major cities " LP.
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