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Peak position #22 3 5
This 'Overture' is the opening piece of my new album for 2019 It's called...VistaRama Deluxe. The inspiration for this introductory piece, comes from years listening to the wonderful UK 'Art-Rock' band, Be Bop Deluxe.
#21 (Sub-genre) 4 5
A song from my latest music project...'VistaRama Deluxe'. Music inspired by some of the musical avenues explored by Bill Nelson / Be Bop Deluxe in the 1970s. This song has an obvious 'reggae' vibe.
Peak position #34 3 5
A rich multi-layered guitar based instrumental with some interesting retro Sci-Fi special effects.
Peak position #48 2 2
A short musical Science-Fiction Vignette...A lively Rock tune with spoken words...
Peak position #91 3 3
An instrumental with some Eastern music influences. The underlying repeating piano motif is in a transposed pentatonic scale. From F# to G in order to make it slightly easier for me to play.!
Peak position #93 1 4
A song...track 6 on...'VistaRama Deluxe', album.
1 3
A lively song from my 'VistaRama Deluxe', album.
1 2
In the not too far off, 'Police State UK', it is illegal to listen to music radio must only listen to the government approved station
1 4
This is an 'atmospheric' linking piece between the songs,'Undercover Radio', and 'Death's Dark Windows'. On the CD the three tracks form a musical continuous piece.
Peak position #92 2 3
Another nice, riff based song from my, ' VistaRama Deluxe', album.
Peak position #90 1 1
A 'mid period', Soft Machine kind of thing here... given a Major Snagg 'twist'. Lots of interesting 1970s Jazz Rock layers. I used my Eastwood Astroluxe Cadet guitar for all the guitar parts.
Peak position #99 1 2
The closing piece for my 'Vistarama Deluxe', album, incorporating the short song/lament,'The Sea Of Sadness'. Some previously featured themes are heard one more time in the fade-out, imbuing a feeling of optimism for the future.
Uploaded 4 days ago 2 2
A backing track for a new song. This probably could still be included in the VistaRama Deluxe album if I manage to write some lyrics.
Peak position #42 23 23
Psychedelic Pop Rock. A song about Time and Space.
Peak position #28 8 10
A song inspired by Bill Nelson's Red Noise period, and the hard edged Pop of XTC's early period. A nice slice of 1980's Pop/ Rock, for those of you who can remember that far back :)
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