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Solo performer with the sounds of an entire band. A large repertoire featuring Jazz, Latin, and Rock and Roll
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Peak position #3 27 14
From a new play (lyrical/musical) I am writing. A tragic love story with intrigue murder and many twists. Innocent on the outside but not all is it appears.
Peak position #58
The title says it all...some deep feeling within causing an introspective look at oneself and their accomplishments.
Peak position #95
A good overwhelming feeling when one feels that are truly in love.
Peak in sub-genre #31 1 1
Peak position #5 17 8
Peak position #22 23 16
Romantic ballad with a strong hint of sadness.
Peak position #60 10 1
Peak position #3 20 12
9 1
The emergence of the dawn with inner conflict within the observer
Peak in sub-genre #22 11 3
All about an opportunity won that comes once in a lifetime.
Peak position #7 12 1
Peak position #3 12 1
Jazz Ballad
Peak position #6 12 2
A love song. Two people meet for the first time yet feel there is some familiarity. The female is represented by the pan flute.
8 1
Children's Song involving character education. This one is about perserverence
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