Morten Malvik
Classical Norway
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Composes classical film scores with the sound of a symphony orchestra.
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#70 (Sub-genre)
A impro I did that remind me of something, but I can't remember what... So in lack of a better name I just called it "A Familiar Theme" :-D I guess the chord progression is quite common.
Peak position #30
Orchestral remake of classic Nintendo 8-bit music. From the game "Wizards & Warriors 2: Ironsword"
#21 (Sub-genre) 1 1
"Forever remembered" dedicated to my grandfather
#51 (Sub-genre) 3 1
Tribute to the many sailors who lost their lives in the WW2 convoys across the Atlantic. A noble theme for orchestra and solo-trumpet Cubase 6 Albion 1 Albion 2 - Loegria ProjectSam OE Embertone Chapman Trumpet
Peak position #53 1
Romantic theme, with soaring orchestra and vocals.
Peak position #43 2
Calm, but yet striking and enigmatic. Orchestral electronica hybrid.
Peak position #26 2
Grand orchestral piece in honour of our fantastic planet.
Peak in sub-genre #42 1
I composed the score for a short about Lady Jane Grey. She was queen of England for 9 days from 10. to 19. of July 1553. She was executed February 12. 1554.
Peak position #29 1
Attempt to do a heroic fantasypiece. The idea behind was a warrior returning from quest and reuniting with his woman.(Hence the "lovetheme" in the middle.) And reprise of the main theme as a finale in the end. Artwork is by Rasmus Berggreen
Peak position #23 2 1
When my grandma died, this composition was born.
Peak position #82 1
Complete score for a short-film. 3 very different musical phrases here. 3 acts if you want.
Peak position #70 2
Irish/Scottish/Gaelic-inspired track. Piano, Strings, Uilleann Pipes, Violin and low whistle are the main instruments
Peak position #65 2 2
Originally i wrote this theme for the Star Wars short "Between Light and Darkness" back in 2009, but was "rejected". So now I finally decided to finish it. Artwork is by Max Meinzold
Peak position #18 2 1
I pictured the final moments in a persons life and the soul ascending. Quick project; composed, arranged and mastered in a total of 5 hours.
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