Vishnu Sreekumar
Acoustic USA
Thank you!
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Peak position #81
Recorded on the acoustic upright Yamaha P22. The old recording was on a Yamaha Clavinova digital piano.
This is a precursor to the Transcendental Etudes. I'm nowhere close to playing the Transcendental Etudes, heck I can't even play this one right! ;)
Peak in sub-genre #84
Peak in sub-genre #58
Peak in sub-genre #51
Stereo recording in Zoom, test.
Peak in sub-genre #90
4 channel surround recording in zoom H2, test.
Peak in sub-genre #23
Symphonic Choir, OSU. Handheld recorder. So you can hear just me (tenor) and my neighbor (a soprano). You will also hear the obvious mistake I make towards the end since my memorization of the lyrics wasn't perfect ;)
Just learnt the piece.. needs a lot of work still.
Peak in sub-genre #86
Somebody teach me how to record well with audacity and my laptop mic :P (or some other freeware recommendations for a mic). This was just something I played to check if my newly downloaded audacity does a good job. Apparently not..
Peak in sub-genre #12
Again, very bad recording quality..lost nuendo to a virus attack. So used inferior software. Also, I came across the song not too long ago and liked here is a very rough try.
Peak in sub-genre #6
I have no knowledge of any jazz theory or whatever.. This is just something I played as it came to my mind..
An adlib excerpt from the song, Summertime
Peak in sub-genre #93
A classical piano composition by Schumann
Peak in sub-genre #74
This is me practising the polonaise, I've just about fully learnt the notes of the middle section but am unable to play it at the tempo of the first section,.. so I have just glossed over that section very carelessly.. I basically want to share the
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