Cosmic Sound
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cosmic sound
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New song inspirated in new fashion Argentina The 'Floggers'
'Song inspirated in this album, my first album bitrh now'
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This my first work in the electronic music, sice 2005.
'I would like to dawning With you'
is my second work that of my album will be....
Peak in sub-genre #92
'The inspiration in those days in my city'
Peak in sub-genre #65
Tema inédito compuesto exclusivamente para el album Electronic Tour 3.
'Taking a rest is not bad'
Peak in sub-genre #98
'Living in reverse world'
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Song of my first album 'Birth'Make all album with the computer (mouse, keyboard and some softwares) Coming soon in February 12.
'unexpected inspiration'
'Nothing you can discourage,rebirth...'
'The time passes and not to return back'
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