A Cry of Hounds
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Road Apples
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garage rock, garage music, garage punk, 60's, b-grade; horror movies, monster, rock, road apples
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Peak position #65 6 1
my 2011 Halloween tune. This song is very close to being literally true.
Peak position #71 5 2
It started as Halloween-type tune, but transmogrified into this...
Peak position #31 9 8
another allegorical monster tune
Peak position #92 5 2
My 16th and final album track - all 16 movies watched, and a song recorded for each!
Peak in sub-genre #4 2 1
a song inspired by discussions in the NMR about Britain's late beloved DJ...
Peak position #38 2
My fifth monster/horror flick tune - have fun with this one - it's meant to be fun.
Peak position #64 1
Entry number 2 in my garage band album - this one is based on the 1959 movie beast From Haunted Cave - not a bad flick, over all, for its day.
Peak position #91 1
My third horror movie garage band tune; this one takes it down a notch in volume - hopefully it still has some energy.
Peak position #23 2
Bela Lugosi's B-grade movie entitled 'Bowery at Midnight' - not a great flick - but it served as the inspiration for this tune.
Peak in sub-genre #15 4 2
a fun Halloween ditty.
Peak position #46 2
A garage dirge utilizing my new guitar...
Peak in sub-genre #3 1
a lo-fi ditty about the olde days in London...the Tyburn Tree was a means of public execution - a gallows, to be precise.
Peak in sub-genre #7 2 1
My 15th monster movie/garage band song. This was a good film, except for the terrible black and white film degradation and hokey special effects. The acting was swell, and the plot was decent.
Peak position #25 1
The fourth in my monster movie garage rave-ups. This movie made the '50 Worst Movies of All Time' list. A must-see for pure campiness and guffaws!
Peak in sub-genre #5 4 2
well, it's a garage punk tune. An anthem for all ages...
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