Liquid LSD
Electronic Nanuet, NY  USA
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Being in digital, life in stereo at 44,100 cycles per second. One man's journey into his own auditory cortex.
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Psychedelic breakbeat, with heavy influences from Pragamatic-era Praga Khan and an early but more percussive Infected Mushroom.
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Grief is a reaction to a major loss. It is most often an unhappy and painful emotion. It was hard to call this
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An 8-bit video game themed 'happy' hardcore song was inspired by the grindcore of Bubblegum Octopus
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A journey into 8-bar Happy Hardcore canons! I think I'm about 13 years too late on this remix though.
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i am the kiss on your neck that turns you on
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"What are we then if we have the constant obligation to make ourselves what we are if our mode of being is having the obligation to be what we are?" -"Being and Nothingness" (Sartre)
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All the junglist bassheads massive inside.
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Typical Liquid LSD drum and bass style with heavy distorted bass/synth sounds and a distorted synth guitar.
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My first trance song
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Original score to '9C1', a short film about an urban police chase through the gritty streets of Troy, NY that unfortunately was never filmed.
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Progressively morphing melody perfect for your acidic enjoyment
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Smooth funky bass with a wah-wah melody and a breakbeat.
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Grinding bass and melody with a click-clack back track.
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