Cra-Z (CA)
HipHop Truro, Canada
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Peak in sub-genre #45
Broad cast just wanted to do a track so he came over right away and this is what we threw together.
Song I wrote for English class. Somewhat based on a true story from the news.
Peak in sub-genre #68
It was an open collab on Salvation's site so I got on it. I don't know how well it fits, but there it is.
Sars on 1st and 3rd verse, Cra-Z on 2nd and finishin' up the 3rd. Malcom X sample on the 'hook'.
Just wrote this last period of school before the variety show audition, just shows that I might still have some lyrical skills... Maybe.
Peak in sub-genre #50
ElecTriK ShoxXx > Cra-Z > WordKonXept
Just a track I did a hook for. Check this guy out at:
Peak in sub-genre #26
First of many tracks by UNIQUE. Mr.J>Cra-Z>ShoxXx. Jewbei on beat.
I'm single now. Jewbei on the beat.
Cra-Z vs. Covert No Man's Land Tournament Round 1
Demo so I could open for a show.
vs. Illycit
ShoxXx, Scope, Cra-Z, soon more to come.
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