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Contemporary Christian Music, light rock, folk. Acoustic with vocal harmonies like Phillips Craig and Dean. Imagine if John Denver, Keith Green, Rich Mullins, N
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This song describes the Word of God in terms found in Proverbs 2:4-5. As you read the very words God wrote down through the hands of some 40 authors over a span of thousands of years, you will find priceless treasure.
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Song about the Armor of God, intended as a devotional reminder.
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Acoustic Pop Christian song about the Christian Life, compared to a Marathon.
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A moving Acoustic guitar message about our Adoption in Christ
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An acoustic fast-paced song about the paradoxes of the Christian walk. It's only when we are empty that He will fill us...
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A Eulogy I recently wrote for my dad, who was a phenomenal guy.
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Written for Thanksgiving last year. A nice easy listening acoustic Christian tune that reminds us to focus on what Thanksgiving is all about.
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A rollicking kids song with fast strumming guitar and a solid message about how God reaches us in order for us to sing a New Song to Him!
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A song about finding God's Will
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What we start with when the Potter gets hold of us. Have you ever felt like shattered remnants of rejection? Check in here - there's hope for even you.
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A kids song about Forgiveness and Unforgiveness - slightly bluegrass, lightly folk. Don't stick your friend in jail, forgive him!
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A eulogy i wrote for Dan Fogelberg, an artist who greatly influenced my style and love for music.
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Some thoughts about the mess we're in today, the greed, the debt, and how to get out.
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A song about pretending to be a Christian, but just going through the motions - sitting on the sidelines, instead of entering the race.
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