Skatin' 66 Soundtrack
Alternative Hollywood, USA
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Indie, Dance, Rock, Funk,
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Peak in sub-genre #39
Bill Dobbins, Artist and Author - Guitar folk song paying tribute to the glory days of Route 66
Great country song about a man forever love for his woman. It is played during the scene in Kansas where Robby interview an old couple on their way to a country dance.
Peak in sub-genre #54
This is a rough demo produced and performed by Carolyn who seen Robby on TV, She was inspired by his hospital tour and volunteered her music writing talents to him. Robby sang her a chorus over the telephone and she produced this demo for him.
Peak in sub-genre #99
Robby needed a hard Hip Hop song to depict scenes in his film when he skates through the rough neighborhoods of East St Louis. He posted an add on Craigslist in the St louis area and discovered this song
Peak in sub-genre #75
Nice hard rock tune with great change up in the middle
Two young extremely talented twins, Brianna and Rose, wrote a graphic novel called Strand Prophecy and made a music soundtrack for the book. Discovered in the show Break on Through searching for the next great Indie Artist
Great Indy band from was chosen to be on the show Break on Through
Peak in sub-genre #42
legendary producer Johny X was producing an album for the group Orgasmica from Spain and asked Robby if he would perform a skating rap. After haring Robby's lack of rapping abilities, he asked robby not to rap.
A producer generously offered his music to Robby to use in Skatin' 66. This song is really moving and can't keep you for crying when it is played in the background when Robby visits the Oklahoma Memorial at the bombing site.
A song that celebrates all the reasons to celebrate life. An upbeat guitar song played by James Barton. Jimmy let Robby have his first singing debut at his guitar gig at the Treasure Trove bar on Ft Lauderdale Beach where Robby bombed.
August powerful vocals makes this song a pleasure to listen to again and again. Discovered in an Indie Music Show Break on Through searching for the top Indie Artist
Song discovered in a music show called Break on Through looking for the next great Indie Artist. When Robby heard it he knew it was perfect for the funky skating circle at the Oklahoma City Skating Rink.
Peak position #96
IPerformed by Robby Love. A silky rock ballad featuring Big John 'Barry White'. Written by Big John, Produced by John X and great guitar work by the String Master.'
A nice Club feel. Definitely something to dance to. Produced by 5 time Grammy Winner Rick Finch (KC and the Sunshine Band) with back up vocals by the Charlotte McKinnon (Fascinated) and some funky horns by Ben Hovey.
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