Silkes Kabaren
Electronic Sweden
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Experimental music by 4 kids from Sweden.
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Peak in sub-genre #23
Woolwad the cat.
Peak in sub-genre #24
Nightmares curse.
Peak in sub-genre #30
Ghostmusic from the broken radio.
The rat who stole the cotton candy.
Peak in sub-genre #88
The buzzing beehive.
The spider in the wardrobe.
Peak in sub-genre #49
Mystics in the troll forest.
Peak in sub-genre #84
The witch's boiling cauldrons.
Peak in sub-genre #27
Take a break and releaxe.
The amusement park is a fun place.
woodlouses under the white stone.
Peak in sub-genre #54
It sounds frightfuly bad inside captain gorillas disco. :)
Peak in sub-genre #17
Mystic beings in the coral reef.
The new style.
The octopus prisoner.
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