Council of One
Rock Arlington, VA  USA
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Peak position #86
Acoustic Indo-Fusion
Peak in sub-genre #31
Guitar/violin duet
Peak in sub-genre #42
Peak in sub-genre #84
Elegy to mourn the loss of my wonderful grandmother-in-law.
Peak in sub-genre #28
Clip featuring Lead Channel 2 of my Mesa Quad preamp and Mesa 50/50 power amp. Same processing as v.3, and same guitar.
Clip featuring Lead Channel 1 of my Mesa/Boogie Quad preamp and Mesa 50/50 power amp. Chorus and delay courtesy of my Axe-FX. Guitar is my Heritage H-157 Black Beauty.
Peak in sub-genre #47
Second version of this piece using same equipment as the first version, except for replacing the Shure SM57 guitar mic with an Audix i5, and slightly modifying the patch in the Axe-FX to accommodate. Much improved, I think.
Peak position #72
Exercise in getting Holdsworth-like legato tone from my Axe-FX/Mesa 50-50/Grendel Dead Room combo. Played with my Heritage H-150 Les Paul.
Another take on the previous metal clip, but using the Peavey Rock Master preamp with no digital processing of any kind. Otherwise, the Grendel Dead Room and Mesa Fifty/Fifty are also used.
This version of Metal Clip v.2 has lead guitar over it, using a fairly bright setting on the Ultra channel of the Rock Master. The lead was also with my Heritage Les Paul
This version has a more mid-range focused lead with the Rock Master and the Mesa Fifty/Fifty really cranked.
Sound clip of metal rhythm guitar recorded using my KXK Sii-7 guitar, Axe-FX, Mesa Fifty/Fifty, and Grendel Dead Room isolation cabinet.
Same recording as the other Metal Clip, but with lead guitar added using my Jackson Soloist Pro into a different patch in my Axe FX, but otherwise the same setup.
Heritage H-157 --> Peavey Rock Master --> Mesa 50/50 power amp --> Grendel Dead Room Isolation Cabinet
Parts strat --> Peavey Rock Master --> Mesa 50/50 power amp --> Grendel Dead Room Isolation Cabinet
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