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We write alot of Alan Jackson,Jimmy Buffet style music. Stop in and check us out. Thanks,Charlie and Tom
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This song is about what our great country stands for/loud and clear.
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This is a praise chorus,written by my producer,Tom Rasely and I, he sings it,wejust started writing again after he moved to Indiana. We hope you enjoy it Charlie
Album: "Glory All The Way" Peak in sub-genre #22
This song was written by me, it depicts what is real in my life,and what will happen in Gods time. It is sung and produced by Scott Word. We hope it ministers to someone. This is our newest mix of it,thanks for listening. Charlie
Album: "SOMEDAY SOON" Peak in sub-genre #62 2 1
What's he all about? what does his life stand for?
#52 (Sub-genre) 1
Along time ago I had a real problem with drinkin, This song is advice I got from my mother
Album: "Glory All The Way" Peak in sub-genre #71 1
We all need a little meltin, sometime in our life
Album: "SOMEDAY SOON" Peak in sub-genre #64
up beat trucker song, written over the internet by the 3 of us:mike parker/tom graham/c resseguie new post
Peak in sub-genre #99
Wishin' on everything I knew how to do.
Album: 'A HEART FULL OF COUNTRY SONGS" Peak in sub-genre #75
i guess, we've all tried a little of this and some times we make it
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Alot of people can identify with this song 'baby can you hear me now' that's where it came from.
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this song was written to address a very hard situation we face here in America.The answer is still in the balance
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I was thinkin about the times in which we live,and about some of the injustices happenin today.I guess this is a sort of protest tune [even tho i ain't mad at no one].just felt some of it should be said.
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I wrote this tune on a plane,from Colorado to Atlanta. I gave the original copy to the pilot. when i got home, i tried to remember the words,gave them to my cousin,and this is what we came up with.
Album: "Glory All The Way" Peak in sub-genre #29
this is an upbeat southern gospel tune co-written with "yuggy" keith johnson, from s.carolina, we did it over the internet.
Album: 'A HEART FULL OF COUNTRY SONGS" Peak position #45
Newly posted! A sad story told to me."Downhome Country"
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