Electronic Lexington, KY  USA
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Beautiful Enchanting music for the mind, body and soul.
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Peak in sub-genre #74
Symphonic Intro with European folk influenced Melody
Peak in sub-genre #36 1 1
An epic neo folk piece containing electric guitars, symphonic orchestration, and vocals performed by me. Chord progression is influenced by sol invictus and lead is influenced by European Folk Melodys
Peak in sub-genre #77
Dark Ambient Soundscape, captures the atmosphere of a beautiful quiet landscape being ravaged by the harsh winter.
Peak position #84
Experimental piece combining electronica/ambient with classical orchestration. Captures the atmosphere of a beautiful frozen stream in the middle of an enchanted snow coverd forest.
Peak in sub-genre #69
Electronica/Warm Ambient that captures the atmosphere of being alone in nature. This song contains all the elements that i wanted to express with this project so therefore it is entitled Solstheim.
Peak in sub-genre #65
Experimental Noise/Drone/Dark Ambient track that explores the Auroras over Alaska on a dark winter night while standing in a forest.
Peak in sub-genre #27 1 1
A folk influenced song containing mystical melodies from A harp, flutes, and Violen ensemble. Creates images of a moonlit fantasy forest filled with elves.
Peak in sub-genre #40 1
A folk influenced harp and flute piece played by mystical blue orb faries as they dance in the moonlight.
Dark Ambient Soundcape. A highly personal song that recants an experience I had while hiking through the woods at night in rural Kentucky.
Peak in sub-genre #65
A string ensemble piece, inspired by jeremey soule's score for Oblivion. I composed this piece to go along with a poem I wrote of the same title. This song follows the events of the poem word by word and perfectly captures the atmosphere of it.
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