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Imphenzia reaches a worldwide audience with the mixture of trance, club and goa influenced music. Despite the vast number of electronic artists of today, the so
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Peak position #15 14
The true evolved sound of Imphenzia. This track, 89th in the order, is the result of 15 years of creating music as Imphenzia and it contains all the elements that make up Imphenzia: Power, melodies, atmosphere - I hope you like it.
#62 (Sub-genre) 3
This is the Imphenzia Remix of the uplifting piano trance track "In Your Arms" originally composed by Spins (
Peak position #28 4 1
Unconventional and hybrid genre electronic track by Imphenzia.
#27 (Sub-genre) 2 1
Cheerful, happy, melodic, uplifting spacesynth track with an upbeat retro feel.
#97 (Sub-genre) 2 1
Dubstep influenced version of Nostalgia blending a wobble bass with the chill-out sound.
Peak position #19 4 2
Explosive melodic trance with intense atmosphere to reach the Spirit Within You.
Peak position #22 6 3
Nostalgic track influenced by demo scene music in the 90s merged with the unique sound of modern Imphenzia. You'll find classic elements such as sawtooth lead with portamento, chip style arpeggios, and very cheerful melodies.
Peak position #16 6
Very calm acoustic piano version of the intense trance track Spirit Within You. The piano is the Yamaha C7 from Quantum Leap Pianos Gold Edition with lid fully open and slight reverb.
Peak in sub-genre #2 4 1
Relaxed chillout edit of "Spirit Within You".
Peak in sub-genre #24 1
Club Edit of "Spirit Within You" with a DJ-friendly intro / outro.
Peak position #29 4
Slow edit of the popular track Nostalgia. Put this track on in the background and enjoy the sweeping melody and relaxing beat.
Peak position #1 7 1
Remastered 2012 - Very energetic and melodic uplifting trance track featuring a dramatic and emotional intro followed by a solid bass filled beat with detuned leads and eupohoric piano melodies.
Peak position #37 1
A 11 minute long intensive track custom made for the retro game Decimation X3 to the XBox360 by Xona Games.
Peak position #60 5
Track full of air and atmosphere with euphoric piano and scaling melodies.
Peak in sub-genre #4 2
Chillout edit of Imaginary Friend featuring atmospheric and euphoric piano and layers of filtered digital leads and pads.
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