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Pre-released version of a song on my new cd. Beat by DJ Premiere. Listen close...
listen, then tell me this isn't the damn truth.
if you think the quality sucks, youre right. but stfu cuz its not about that. listen.
have a happy day; yes, the static is gay..but if attention you pay, you'll soon see it's okay.
Life's a garden. Don't be a ho.
I guess...I'm a rapper. I dunno, you can decide. Just LLLLListen.
Think about the question then ask yourself, In what direction are you headed?
Beat is RJD2 - What's Left...An ode to Hip Hop. Just Listen OKAY!?!?!
Song I wrote about the summer. Featuring a small cameo by the one and only Pizzle.
..That black pupil is the peephole to life in the future tense...
A story about the best $10 i ever spent. just listen
Peak in sub-genre #56
Shoulda stayed overseas..
ILLETE SPITZ IS STILL ALIVE EVERYTIME I RHYME!! sick track with Killa Kal, take a listen.
Most creative piece ive ever done. Follows in the lines of the board game Clue...check it out.
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