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I flow for fun! I show my hidden messages of my life and the results of street wisdom. The struggle is real...My flows are unorthodox. Enjoy... I've been free-
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#69 (Sub-genre)
For your mama here is my special 2017 Halloween song, with a deep truth behind the rhyme peek in too my ill mind...Guitar done by sky Lobovitz Couldn't of done it without him...FIYYYYAH! MUHHUHUHUHUA peep the freshness
Peak position #54
??? it's a surprise track that just appeared out of no where! It may dissipate hurry play it while you can! sh** hit fan,you ain't ready freeztyle! Damn! Meatballs and all. You ready for this flow?
Peak position #70
Fresh out the fryer, tune in too this new track just dropped! Prayers I send...no basketball at the dead end. Peep this unorthodox flavor, I wrote your name on a razor.
Peak position #43
Fresshhh track dropped out of Evils Rule studio! Featuring Ron G, AnnjewelZ and of course me! Ron G got a spanish hook! Enjoy the new collab and STAY STRONG! This song is dedicated to Sean Byrne RIP Homie! Never Forgotten!
Peak position #80
Arch Angel Hear Me, when I pray, Protect my family, Saint Michael,always, FEAR ME. But don't pull the wool, I put the double 0 in cool. FOOL Take a listen, no advertizmentz HERE, just roll a blunt and kick above a chair, it's my turn to SIT THERE!
Peak in sub-genre #5 1
Don't play this freestyle it was not fire. PSYCH!!!! Hit that play hit that like shARE IF you care, if not f*** off yeah you there. Sleeperz stay near because I swerve on the back road, DEEEER!!! Barz for dayz. Zpro...I think he playz
Peak position #70
Freezstyle. FIRE TURN THE FUCK UP b*** ES! TUNE IN! Fresshness for youuuuu
Peak in sub-genre #8
Clips taken from my 1st tryout rap battle...remixed for you to listen too..this sh** is hilarious!!! Enjoy! It's that unorthodox style coming from the underground!
Peak in sub-genre #10
We taking a little journey! Underground! Follow Me! Moving along the path!
Peak position #93 1
This is my song about Trolls, and how I hate them! Get behind my bars, TROLL!
Peak in sub-genre #6
This is for all my haters, this is for all my enemies, this is for all the stuck up ritchie b*** ie boys, this is for the trolls, this is for the bullies, this is how I feel...Please excuse me b*** es. As I laugh, kiss the sky and never look back.
Peak position #66
Life is rough, here's a raw freestyle featuring sky on guitar...tune in 2018 jam session no rehearsal all off the dome...
Peak in sub-genre #6
What is Love to me? Here is a skit with live guitar, performed by Sky...Peep this track it's all from the heart. Tune in!
Peak position #73
This one goes out to all you NOOBS! Talking Pokemon? YOUR DONE SON! You don't want to find out, what's inside my P O K E B O X! Hit that play game is all in and the batteries are FRESH! Let' get it! GO!
Peak in sub-genre #18
Fresh out the oven! Real Talk
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