The Getback
HipHop oakland, CA  USA
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hip-hop, rap, soul, funky, flavor, new, unique, grimy, funny, artistic, poetry, spoken word, fresh, dope, bay area, oakland, new york, mid west, atlanta, slap,
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The intro track, ya introduce us. self explanatory. chiah.
anthem son anthem! Diggs made this beat. if i hadnt told you that, i coulda taken credit for it, but ima nice guy......f*** you diggs!
this was like the first beat i ever made. gotta love them reason horns ....
This is my one. jay fab on the beat, dari your a genius.
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This mothaf***a diggs did this sh*** by HIMSELF. in his closet, with a casio keyboard and the sh*** is HOT. how you gonna be in a major studio and not make somethin this tight?? step it up!
miles douglas on the beat. sh*** is catchy.....diggs and i dont remember ever layin this down.....just found it one afternoon and said 'f*** it, its dope!'
YEAA-AHH. yo this joint is hella old but it still goes to me. DJ Decory on the beat.
we.....were just f***in around high one day.
queen of the getback. undisputed you-aint-f***in-wit-it champion of the acapella verse. nakapella. bi***.
Jay Fab yo. your over the top on the beats.
8 0'Clock on the beat. and me.....talkin sh*** as always.
nothin to say. i love this song.
see i get to just listen to this sh***. i didnt do a THING, just watched Diggs, Nico, and Fab make a hit when i went for a cigar. eess peace bruh bruh, did yal catch that?? ',,,its peace bruh bruh, til the index fold, just one finger left for you to
made this beat a year ago. laced it two days before i uploaded all of these. feels timeless. tell me what you think.
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