Chris DeVeau
Electronic Burlington, MA  USA
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chris deveau
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Running out of space on my soundcloud, so this will live here for the nows.
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Where i am leaving this one for now so i can wander of and not finish something else.
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A different mix. Still not pretty.
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Boredom music. There might have been vocals if there were words. But there are no words.
Something pretty old, re-imagined as a slow sleepy reverby thing.
(Updated 3.18.11, still pretty rough.) Guitars are direct into my laptop's line in(bad!), as such have tons of line noise. I like the opening/closing beat, rest is a one take disaster. Don't know why i have trouble playing it, it is simple enough.
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Part of a thing? Not much: Scratch trax and halfthoughts. Not mixed.
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This is my take on Devin's reverse drumjam. The guitars are his. Then i broke them.
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No idea on the guitars at this point. These ones don't really go.
What happens if i turn the mic pres up all the way? It is like being sixteen with a tape fourtrack all over again. Wav file is a solid black bar, as predicted in the audible mutterings as i hit record.
A circuit i am working on. It is extra noisy, because it is on the breadboard, and because i haven't put any noise reduction/lowpass bits in at all yet.
Tor's Fuzz boosted by a Timmy OD. Guitar is an Agile AL2000 with a Duncan JB in the bridge and IIRC a '59 in the neck, tuned somewhere around drop C. The cleaner part is the neck pup with its volume down.
Trying to figure out a beat, without actually sitting down and listening to it and figuring it out.
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"The Journey" Extended with vocal remix. From the spin off of the Instrumental Original mix from "A brilliant skyline across major cities " LP.
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