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Electric, Eccentric and Eclectic! Worldly Electronica, with Exotic flare!
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A dynamic & groovy Bluesy/Darkwave Crossover Track. It's like a Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Nine Inch Nails meets Lords of Acid type of song. Z; Guitars, Drumming, Lyrics, Vocal Arrangement, Mixing. GinNger; Vocals, Vocal Production and FX
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A collaboration with my friend Z! Featuring Z's Lyrics/Vocals/Guitar/Drumming/Mixing and GinNger's Vocals/Keyboards/Sound FX/Mixing
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A Polyrhythmic Collaboration with Pascal!! Thanks!! I love it!! :D Check out "full song info" for all the details. (If you are a friend & want a higher quality render of this song, just let me know!) :D
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A GinNger Electro-Pop song about about keeping your head up in the face of adversity...sometimes you have to toot your horn, and remind yourself of how blessed you are. (The End of the song cuts off, maybe too long...sorry!)
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I added some soft and subtle lyrics & vocals to "Alpha Waves" by ALPHA ONE OMEGA and Aloka. It's beautiful, my friends! Thanks for letting me sing on this ! :D
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Dance mix in the Key of "G"inNger!!
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Written/Sequenced/Programed/Mixed/Produced by GinNger SparklezZz The Instrumental Version of my latest song! A song about keeping your head up and grining in the face of adversity. I put a lot of work into this and I hope you like it! ToOt ToOt! :D
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I used one of Micheal Duran's great 'backing tracks', originaly titled, "Highland Chill". I added/mixed Lyrics, Vocals, Wooden Flute, Wave FX and a hint of Tribal Drums in the Outro. I changed the title, because the song felt tropic to me! :D
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Pascal of "Procks" did an amazing and dynamic Blues version of my original song, "Only Do As Expected"!! Thanks Pascal!! Lyrics & Vox by GinNger SparklezZz, Music, Vox & Production/Mixing by Procks
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My Samurai Song 'By The Pond(Instrumental)' performed by Tetsuroh Konishi (Also adding his own touch by composition with flare!) Original Song Written & Produced by: GinNger SparklezZz Remade by: Tetsuroh
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I added Didgeridoo and Jaw Harp to Dream Machine by ALPHA ONE OMEGA! It's a meditational song!! To hear the full version, Visit ALPHA ONE OMEGA here on SoundClick...mine cuts out a bit twards the end, not sure why. :/
Peak position #76 9 10
Andrew from ALPHA ONE OMEGA added his wonderful guitar to my live version of now Regrets! It's sooo cool! Thank You so much Andrew :D!!
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Original Song Written, Performed & Produced by Andrew: of ALPHA ONE OMEGA. Spoken Word by: Aloka. Featuring Vocals and Oohs & Ahhhs by: GinNger SparklezZz. Listen to the original here:
Peak in sub-genre #5 3 4
Another version of my song featuring World Musician/Artist/Writter Ed Drury on Didgeridoo!! I am playing the Jaw Harp. Ed is awesome! Go check out his other tunes out here on Sound Click!!
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We are all the same because we are different...and all different because we are the same. Added some Jaw Harp and my chanting of course! I had the cool vocal snip and chopped it up and threw it in there too! Happy Earth Week! :D
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