Michael Haze
Blues McKinney, TX  USA
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michael hayes
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Rock / Blues Metallic Stomp Michael Haze .... Earth City Blues
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Peak position #25 1
Sound sample of the Mars Yesman+ Envelope Filter and Auto Wah
Peak position #95
Sample of the Moen Fuzz Moo with a little auto wah mixed in. Will work on a better mix :)
This is a little bit of the Moen Jimi Vibe of a cleaner setting. Nice and clear tone. Great for pedalboards.
Peak position #29
A little shot of the new Moen Ulite series Jimi Zero Vibe. Great for pedalboards.
Peak position #49 1
New effect in the Moen Ulite series. Great for pedalboards.
Peak position #78
Soundbite of the Biyang Flanger jammin' at home.
Peak position #24 1
Just a small sound bite at home on the Mars Analog Delay
Peak position #25
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