Pete Young
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As a child I looked down Bluevale Street from our tenement. There was a blacksmith there. On Whitevale Street there was a beautiful Catholic church. This song is basically a collage of images from a Glasgow morning.
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Calderpark Zoo in Glasgow's East End had a famous lion that died along with the zoo. About the same time another lion was nearing the end of his days, Glagow Celtic's Jimmy 'Jinky' Johnstone one of the 1967 'Lisbon Lions'
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Many a Glasgow family has started a summer holiday on the ferry from Wemyss Bay. The railway station by the ferry terminal is worth a visit just to see the amazing ironwork. They don't build railway stations like this anymore.
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Contribution to the thematic album 'Last Man On Earth'.
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Streets of old, paths of gold
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Who in their right mind thinks that nuclear power is a risk worth taking? Dounreay is located on the north coast of Scotland, and is finally being decommissioned. Now that is good news!
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