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Peak in sub-genre #71
A classic blues. A blues who talks about music, love, spirituality. The master Al Jerome played harmmonica, and I played all the other instruments, sung the vocals, and programmed the digital inputs.
It's a pop/rock song. The influences are Prince 'Purple rain', Chris Isaak 'Wicked game', Michael Jackson 'Give in to me', Gary Moore 'Still got the blues'. I played all instruments, sung all vocals, programmed digital instruments, and my f
Peak in sub-genre #53
It's a mixture of pop, rock, soul & funk. In my opinion, my best song. I played all instruments, sung all vocals and programmed the digital inputs.
I have travelled so much last year. I was in London, Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Rome, New York, Barcelona, Norh Carolina, the Canary Islands, and a lot of less known places more. And it's always the way. So many people, everywhere, living their lives,
Peak in sub-genre #47
A funky song about music, passion, and living life to the maximum. I played all instruments, sung all vocals, and programmed the digital inputs. Miguel Armero played drums.
It starts like a celtic song and suddenly turns into a rock song. The paradoxe of feeling that things you thought you knew well, become new again. For example, love or sex. Musicians: Raquel (vocals, tambourine), Pilar (piano, rhodes), Cecilia (viol
A song about a difficult relationship, and one of those powerful and out-of-reach women I played all electric guitars and sung. The other musicians: Raquel (backgrounds), Beatriz (bass), Miguel (drums), Pilar (rhodes piano), Cecilia (viola)
Just a simple song where i mixed folk, celtic and pop music. Cecilia played viola and violin and I played all the other instruments and sung the vocals.
Peak in sub-genre #97
A mysterious song. That feeling you have when everything goes wrong, and you cannot do anything, like if you were inside a dream. Celia sung background and lead vocals, Cecilia played viola, and I played all the other instruments, programmed digtal i
The song that speaks more about me. When you are in front of a crossroad, and you just have one alternative. Raquel: acoustic guitar, vocals. Pilar: piano. Cecilia: viola. Beatriz: bass. Miguel: drums. I just sang on this one.
Peak in sub-genre #40
A sexy song, with a jazzy touch. Carlos Calvo played sax, and I played all the other instruments, programmed the digital inputs, and sang.
A beautiful song on the feeling of just being a dreamer. But knowing you have wonderful things you could offer to people, bringing a 'star to their hearts'. Ceclia sang the background vocals, and Cecilia played the viola and violin parts. I took ca
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