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smashing.... mad, cozy, naive, extatic, deadly sexual, heartbeatlike, humingbirdlike, totally unpredictable vuuu!
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Peak in sub-genre #24
made some years ago
made some yers back
Peak in sub-genre #66
yes its an old song too the text is mine and im singing the music behind is from me and Biogen (Bjössi)
Peak in sub-genre #21
The farmer son of the woolf-clan rides out to have fun with the elf-ladies. In Finnland he is called Lemminkainen. He gets into big trouble and is killed. Yes and in the stories of gods (those who think them selfs to be the good ones) he is Baldur.
Peak in sub-genre #58 1
older song, those days i liked computer music bacground, was pritty good at digital tools
Peak in sub-genre #89
i was sitting in the car
Peak in sub-genre #91
yesterday is still here
Peak in sub-genre #42
yes that i do
i cind of felt aaaah
soft base bandless wooden spoon (slave of love) me meditatin my way
Peak in sub-genre #11
ja thetta r laglina sem eg vil nota í óperuna seitha meth kórus og dönsum og trumbum og sóllúðrum ... og -äa äa äeg viå seiddni hlutan ... eftir um 5 min rumlega, kemur framm forn melodia... hmm.. sumsé nammi... luja!
relatively quiete Ingo was sleepin in the room so i am low... one can hear Ingo almost waking up at the end and thats way I stopped there... he is rollin and breathing in the dream and he is mixing me into his dream... well he should be or could b u
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