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Rock, Funk and Soul with trace elements of everything. Blow up your radio.
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Get sum funky good love vibes goin'
Peak position #72
Plug in and we'll take you for a ride.
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Cutting Edge Rock from www.unit-e.info
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Superfast version of Evinger's 'Miss Me When I'm Gone' Funky Blues Rock tune recorded Live @ Desolation Sound
Peak in sub-genre #63
Live recording of jam session @ rehearsal spot
Peak position #56
Slow Blues Jam recorded live to disc late Friday night at Desolation Sound in DC
Peak in sub-genre #57
Peluso 251 on Acoustic Dreadnaught Sp-C1 on modded Fender Blues Junior Kurz Rumour Real Room
Peak position #82
A quick jam with the new Eventide TimeFactor. And a 'Tip of the Hat' to that dreamy Pink Floyd Sound.
Peak position #87
just testing out mic techniques with McGovern. This is before mid-side decoding. Check out the differences comapared to the decoded track.
Peak position #93
Testing out a Mid/side mic technique. This is the decoded track.
Peak position #80
Drum solo using triplets with the bass drum
Peak in sub-genre #11
A variation on Evinger's 'Interesting Situation' with YTT on Guitar, Jeff Hight on bass, and Evinger on Drums.. a lil' Rusty but a whole lotta fun...
Peak in sub-genre #14
Just testing different mic positioning for live recording - this was also my first dither with Ozone3
Peak position #44
Late night blues jam totally improv...
Peak in sub-genre #18
Mic tests for one-room recording sessions
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