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Rock Garibaldi, OR  USA
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Just a happy little dance number about the end of civilization as we know it.
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End-of-the-world love song.
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Appeared (or "appeared") on Len Amsterdam's Whitby Shores radio program in Canada in (I think) 2009. I've proposed doing more of these.
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Prompted by a news story.
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Peak in sub-genre #23
song for behind-the-credits of the "Sleeping Piggy sock-puppet play.
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A tribute, I guess, to the great Watsonica. She sent us this one to use in our Failed Economy Show benefit concerts for the Food Pantry, and it's become one of the band's most popular numbers.
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Originally for the Bedworth (UK) Folk Festival--but they wanted songs that could be played in public.
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lyrics by Glynda Duncan and her daughter; music by me.
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