David Watson
Acoustic Hanley Swan, United Kingdom
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Light acoustic rock folk
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This is my first attempt at an out and out country style song. Hopefully I mean that in the Bruce Springsteen country style rather than Dolly Parton. The song describes a long lonely night of anguish over a tragic fight. Enjoy...
A gentle acoustic song that accelerates throughout to a slightly rockier finale. It is really a song about finding your true self in unusual (although hardly unpleasant) circumstances.
Peak in sub-genre #46
A bluegrass Neil Young-ish feel to this song about what we English call Tramps and the Americans call Hobo's. This one was played on the www.homemadehitshow.com podcast and reviewed kindly.
This is a subdued and thoughtful ballad about recovering a sense of proper perspective after suffering a loss. This song was played on the homemadehitshow.com podcast HMHS 120 and was favourably reviewed.
Peak in sub-genre #59 1
A soft feel good Latin-Rock song with the theme of being really together with your partner.
This is a song charting the life story of a girl and her relationship with the silver screen. It was submitted to the homemadehitshow.com Thanksgiving song competition. I hope someone enjoys it.
This is a straightforward acoustic song about being left by your woman.
Peak in sub-genre #85 1
This song is a kind of cross between a soul and a latin number that emerged from some experiments in mixing rythms from my Band In a Box software in order to create more variety in the backing. The song itself is about the stages of any relationship
This is a song that explores the end of life and the reduction of your affairs to the simple fundamantals of wanting to be loved and to let those that you have loved, know that. Not for everyone but for those that try it, I hope you feel something, d
This is a song that reflects on the commitment of marriage and the change of life priorities that brings.
This is a whimsical song about the English Summer of 2008 written as a competition entry for the homemadehitshow.com “Summer” competition.
A simple strummed ballad with a light backing about deception in a relationship/
This song is my environmental conscience playing up and wanting to make a statement on behalf of the planet. Sorry if it comes over a bit pompous or simplistic but surely someone has to state the bleedin' obvious. I hope someone enjoys this song (and
This is a guitar rag that was done as a piece of fun. The backing is kept fairly basic as the words and guitar are the thing. Lyrics are very non PC but of course I claim that I am only following the rag traditions, I'm not bad I'm just striving fo
Peak in sub-genre #52
This song is a deceit, hence the title. I don't want to say too much more in order not to spoil the ending. Suffice it to say it is not what it seems but you must wait until the end to see why...
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