Murder Machine
Metal McAllen, TX  USA
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eclectic classical-influenced electronica-infused alternative heavy metal
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Quick clip recorded with an Audix OM 2 to show the fizzy, brittle high end
uploaded for troubleshooting
Surprising sound from a tiny and crappy practice rig! This is a raw track with no post-EQ or anything else. See full info.
Peak position #38
Pending Fate. First real home recording. See the full song info for more... info.
Another cover from FFVII. I've had this one for a while. I just decided to put it up since I haven't been doing much lately. I think this one's all EWQLSO Gold.
Peak in sub-genre #83
I threw this track together to test the QuadraSID plugin. It's supposed to emulate a SID Station. I don't know how to work it properly yet, and I don't usually make this kind of stuff, so I'm aware that musically this track sucks.
Peak in sub-genre #41
Acoustic + orchestra. For this one, I used Musiclab RealGuitar 2 and EastWest Symphonic Orchestra Gold.
This one is from Final Fantasy VII. I wanted to test Eastwest Symphonic Orchestra Gold and see how it works with other plugins (RealGuitar2, Boo Bass). The French Horn cuts a note out near the end because it's below the range of the sample library.
Peak in sub-genre #72 1
From the Zelda: Ocarina of Time soundtrack. This time I'm testing MusicLab RealGuitar 2.1 and Garritan Personal Orchestra. I'm also using Boo Bass and Toontrack EZ Drummer.
I figured I might as well put this here while I was uploading the others. It's a really old track I made years ago when I had just started messing with Fruity Loops (version 3.1). No plugins, just stuff built into FL.
This is a cover of a piece by Hiroki Kikuta I made to practice and test more plugins. I had it sounding great with NI Bandstand, but it won't render properly, so I made due without. First track with Toontrack EZ Drummer, and I'm fairly impressed.
I wanted to see if I could put something I was working on with my acoustic into FL Studio and make it sound realistic. Turns out I can't, so instead I experimented with splitting the guitar into four parts and giving those parts to a string quartet.
This is a cover of Ruska by Apocalyptica. I made it to test the plugins 'The Grand' by Steinberg and Synful Orchestra. The popping is there because Synful isn't 100% compatible with Fruity Loops.
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