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Cinematic Music Production
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Rhythmically driven (almost march-like) medieval soundtrack piece with a broad, heroic theme to accompany the travel montage of a fantasy epic (game/film)
#35 (Main)
Flamboyant "final fight" track with broad, heroic themes swirling above driving ostinati
Peak position #34
Powerful, choir-driven ostinato underscoring the slow approach of a demonic force
Peak position #77
Overture for a space related adventure game that is still being developed. Per aspera ad astra!
Peak position #16
opening cue from the soundtrack to "Escaped!" (2014), an action packed short film produced by Michael Kleinfeld and Oliver Weisskopf about to prison escapees on the run
Peak position #23
This specific peace from the soundtrack to "Miguel" accompanies the main character while he prowls around in his home village looking for evidence.
Peak position #59
Eerie piece from the soundtrack to "Miguel - Feline Investigator", accompanying a sinister cemetary scene. Of course, with obligatory organ and choir entries.
Peak in sub-genre #13
Dramatic final cue in 7/8 from the soundtrack to "Sarah" (2016), a student film directed by Michael Kleinfeld about a series of murderous events around a remote cabin the woods.
Peak position #65
Piano transcription to "Journey Onward". I tried to stay as true as possible to the original orchestral version, especially in keeping the bass ostinato as well as the off-beat fills for pizzicato strings beneath the melody vocings.
Peak in sub-genre #7
This is a little jazzed up suite blending themes from my soundtrack to "Miguel - Feline Investigator", an independent German point-and-click adventure game about a cat detective solving homicide cases.
#68 (Main)
Little jazzy background tune for the PC adventure "Miguel - Feline Investigator" in 12-bar blues scheme.
Peak in sub-genre #56
incidental music fromthe soundtrack to "Escaped!" (2014), an action packed short film
Peak in sub-genre #48
action track from the scoro to "Escaped!" (2014), a short film about two prison escapees on the run
final track from the score to "Escaped!" (2014), a short film produced by Michael Kleinfeld and Oliver Weisskopf about two prison escapees
Peak in sub-genre #61
from the original soundtrack to an upcoming space adventure
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