Ben Hodgson
Electronic United Kingdom
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Electronic music (dance, electronica, electro, house, indie)
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Peak in sub-genre #54
rocking dance track
Peak in sub-genre #49 1
Justice-inspired glitchy dance track
Wide, flowing ambient. High-speed songwriting!
Peak in sub-genre #73
UPDATED Free download! Free CC license! Thumping techno/electro track
Electro mayhem? Free CC license! Free MP3 download! Free free free Nelson Mandela!
Electro fusion mayhem!
Peak in sub-genre #37
Minimalism piece - CC license! Free conditional licensing, free MP3 download!
Loop-based electro improv.
One of my first-ever projects. I'm still pretty pleased with it, especially the arps at the end.
Peak in sub-genre #99
Written in about two hours with Absynth, SONAR and a little from Reason and FM8. My first foray into ambient music - I wrote it to be looped in, for example, an art gallery.
Serialism GCSE coursework
Theme & Variations on the Channel 4 News jingle (referred to in 'pips')
Disclamer: this is too long and too totally different to be a cover of the BBC News jingle, and no samples so it’s not a remix. It's INSPIRED BY the BBC News tune & it was mostly analog synths in Reason (obviously the drums are sampled).
Paid Promotion
"The Journey" Extended with vocal remix. From the spin off of the Instrumental Original mix from "A brilliant skyline across major cities " LP.
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