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April 18 is National Lineman Appreciation Day. If the power is on where you are reading this article, you likely have a lineman to thank. For the YouTube:
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Leslie | 9/20/42 - 3/24/18 | A great, GREAT Lady! We miss you, darlin'. In this tribute, the first half gives the legend, the second is Leslie's triumphant fulfillment thereof.
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How three lads spent their days fishing, skin diving and spearfishing all summer long on Long Island Sound.
Album: Magical Child Peak position #1
Father's Day song for my son.
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This is my favorite Fool of April.
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Written for friends when I was leaving the country to live in Ireland for a year.
Album: Magical Child Peak position #1 1
The climate apocalypse. As prophesied five years ago, "The Gypsy might be right...." My YouTube for this one is:
Album: Magical Child Peak position #1 2
A spinoff of a Washington Irving tale I heard, lo these many years ago.
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April Fool #2. He just don't get it.
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April Fool #1. Humphrey Bogart he ain't. (We need a new song category: Existential Country Melodrama)
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A real song for a real good dude
Album: God Bless The Biker Peak position #1 1
'To be or not to be..' with an intro worthy of this marvelous soliloquy.
Album: Magical Child Peak position #39 1
True story about a long cold ride one night from Nebraska to Salt Lake City
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A song about the ironworkers who erected the big towers on the Newport Bridge -- a.k.a., the Claiborne Pell -- in 1967. I was an apprentice on that job. There's a video with pics from the job at:
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