The Uncommon Houseflies
Alternative Louisville, KY  USA
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Goofy, fun power-pop project that never takes itself seriously. We're tough to describe, but if you imagine the Ramones beating up a clown, you're getting close
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You know the stuff. It's been sitting there for hours, crawling with lord knows what kind of bacteria. Don't do it.
Peak in sub-genre #23
The song "Excrement Weather" is an extended metaphor comparing a bad relationship to a piece of crap. We never said this stuff was high-brow.
Peak position #99
The story of a protagonist who manages to avoid doing improper things with his significant other's kid sister -- then narcissistically expects kudos for his restraint.
Peak in sub-genre #18
Beatles-influenced character study about a body-building, crime-fighting female minister.
Peak position #43
Dark pop meets surf rock meets Stephen King on a bender.
Peak position #47
A breezy guitar-pop rant about things we hate. Why do so many words rhyme with 'hate,' anyway?
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A tribute to someone who has come into our life and helped live and learn and love
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