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Theme Song for the Website "The Horror Academy"
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Theme song for the indepentent Film "Josie". Currently in Pre-production.
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Title track from the album "Hello Darkness"
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In 1982 the english band Venom offered a challenge to any "true" metal band to write the most satanic song. In 1983, they released "At War With Satan". Upstate NY's Manowar was the only band to answer the call with "The Bridge of Death". Untill now..
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The past haunts my memory like a scar on the flesh. A constant reminder that I'll never rest...
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Tearing at the flesh in the nape of the neck...
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My darling sweet Camilla, behest unto thee thine eyes...
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The dead return to eat your brains…
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I dispose in disgrace from your disceitful embrace, embittered by the darkness...
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The Monster is set free...
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A madman creates his own form of perfection
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