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Peak position #13
r60 loaded with new manlius vintage modern pickups in to my soldano SLO
randall rm22 with salvation wagener deluxe SLO module played against a mojave dirty boy backing track that victor sent me. charvel pro mod with tone zone bridge, e609 black, v30.
Peak position #5
quick clip of the soldano slo
Peak in sub-genre #14
Peak position #10
just playing around with the amp. not a one trick pony at all for sure. i have played lots of amps, and I always smile whenever I plug into the SLO.
just a quick clip I did to see if I could get a decent thrash metal type tone out of the slo. i think that it sounds pretty thrashy to me!
les paul into straight in soldano avenger with deyoung transformers. sm57 and pr40 off a rivera silent sister cab loaded with scumback h75 100watter. into chandler tg2. into inonix fw810 straight into reaper no eq, panning or anything
egnater thick rock tone with sl2 the egnater mod 100 is an awesome amp for sure. i am really becoming a module addict. I think that i own all the high gain modules!
i get a new amp and cant resist trying to get some tones. pr40 and sm57, randall silent sister isocab. aurora audio gtq2. ionix fw810s the herbert just slays for anything that needs a MODERN sound!
removed the eq and and all effects. strapped a limiter on the master any better? still hearing the digital overload?
just for mike to wank over egnater mod 100 voodoo modified erect module pr40 and sm57 into great river mp-2nv and eq-2nv ionix fw 810s
a quick wanker clip that i did for my buddy mike. soldano slo for sure!
soldano SLO. this amp is frankly awesome! I had a 93 in the past and stupidly sold it. when i got this one and played it, i knew within the first 30 seconds that i would never sell it again.
Peak position #29
soldano slo. great amp pr40 and sm57 into chandler tg channel mk 2. ionix fw810s
Peak in sub-genre #20
quick clip of the peavey block logo 5150 EVH amp prestige with emg81 pr40 and sm57 tg channel mk 2 ionix fw810
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