Anderson Lake Blues Project
Blues Moscow, ID  USA
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#26 (Main)
A bouncy blues based piece. It is about having fun and feeling free.
#56 (Sub-genre)
A blues rock instrumental
#78 (Sub-genre)
This is an instrumental inspired by those who have shown the courage to overcome. I hope it will in some way help those still striving to to over come. For them, know though we remain unseen, many of us are there in our hearts, hopes and prayers.
Peak position #14
A blues based rock infused piece. Gibson SG 2017 Special with mini humbuckers. Orange Rockerverb Mk III. Torpedo CAB into Cakewalk.
Peak position #60
A 16 bar blues piece recorded with Gibson SG Special into Mesa Make V though a Weber Mass and Torpedo CAB.
Peak position #21
Inspired when I became sidetracked watching the older Tap Dancers on YouTube.
Peak position #50
Smoke in the Pacific Northwest is a common thing. It is a rather mesmerizing thing at times. This was the feel I was going for with this piece.
Peak in sub-genre #59
A blues piece with a bit of a twist at the 3rd verse.
Peak position #11
Remembering my father who died Christmas Day 2016.
Peak position #15
Slow blues expressing loss.
Peak position #43
Drums were played on a DD-55 digital drum system. Bass was Fernandez Vertigo into a PODxt. Bass tracks were double tracked. Lead was 13 LP Studio into PODxt. Cakewalk Sonar X1 DAW with plugins.
Peak position #36
Here is more of an easy listening piece in honor of spring for this year.
Peak position #28
Recorded using Warmoth VW (C5 Bridge) Screwdrivers and Keeley Phaser for Rhy. Hamer studio (36ths) lead. Tweaker amp (AC) into Weber Blue Dog using a Heil P-30 mic. The acoustic rhythm track (background and bridge) was recorded using Taylor 312ce.
Peak position #13
This is just me (now you know why I went into academia!). I used the Tweaker head into a Weber Blue dog. Hamer Studio for lead with Hamer p-90 MIK Sunburst for rhythm. Bass is played through the same set up. I used a Heil p-30 close mic'ed..
Peak position #19 1
Classic Player Jaguar HH into a Skreddy Screw Driver, Killer Ant to a Swamp Thang. PR-30 close with 990 for room.
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