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I'm a filmmaker and song parodies which works out in my favorite because then I can make music videos for my song parodies. I've been writing song parodies for
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Peak position #18
Yeah... I get angry when I drive. Wanna fight about it?
Peak position #88
This is the Jeff Reuben cover of my classic parody of Bon Jovi's "Living On A Prayer" called "Living Teddy Bear". He was always a fan of this song so when I asked him if he wanted to do a cover of it he agreed and was pretty ecstatic about it.
Peak position #19
A killer sandwich tries to eat of me.... Uh-Oh!!!
Peak position #13
A love song about Fay Wray and America's favorite gigantic monkey.
Peak position #16
A Radiohead parody about famous french pastries.
Peak position #35
A tribute to the popular Si-Fi movie, 'Men In Black', it's one of my favorites so of couse I HAD to parody it in SONG!!! Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones... What can get better than that?
Peak position #29
This song is about a bad relationship, because even though the man loves the woman he's with he can't be with her because she is what he is allergic to, and because he loves her he tries many different things to stay with her but nothing works out.
Peak position #25
A clever twist on the original emo song. They're talking about emotional pain, I'm talking about physical pain. OUCH!!!
Peak position #29
I never had to go through getting repossessed (Except for when I'm playing The Sims, and in The Sims they don't take your platform shoes)
Peak position #26
This song won the Aerosmith Artistry Round, and gladly so because Aerosmith is one of my favorite artists. This song was hard to come up with an title and an idea for.
Peak position #8
The actually GOOD theme to the Titanic movie (Too bad it's 11 years too late).
Peak position #15
A song told from the accused in the Salem Witch Trials
Peak position #28 2
Tommy (from the original song) and the story of how he was 'down on his luck' as a little kid.
Peak position #33 1
A crazy folk song about the life of a carney with not so hidden feelings for a certain Amusement Park ride.
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