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Doc Mistabluesman Quinn Comin' Atcha with his blues guitars!
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Sort of funny and sort of true also!
(Blues/Reggae/??) - As a Bluesman I say it's Blues but what would you call it? I know it's a real kick in the a_ _ to play!
Oh, this is so fun! Lil' acoustic jam and song!
A slow Blues that perfectly speels out exactly how I was feeling that day! I guess it's called 'The Blues'.
Justa' lil' something hat Helps Me In Dealing With The Fact That I Can't Call Johnny On The Phone Anymore!
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A Boogie That I Wrote For My Mother!
Too funny man! Be sure to read the story behind the song!
Justa' nother Blues Rocker That I Love To Play!
This jam is what one should expect when a Bluesman such as myself gets bloozy down and feeling funky while wearing a cowboy hat.
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Man, it's a bad thing to feel blue but when you are also sad it makes feeling blue "So Damn Blue".
A live concert like jam with Cliff "Big Red Blues Dawg" Houck (Slideman) and I on stage performing Cliff's kick butt blues rocker "Road House".
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"Get A Clue Woman" Well what can I say, She lied, she cheated, now she is history and can't come back!
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In tribute to the great legendary Texas Bluesman (Mr. Lighting "Sam" Hopkins) I wanted to do a blues jam that would express all blues peoples appreciation for all that Sam done for the blues peoples in what was the future to him, that's us!
Danny The Sandman was written as a poem by my Father Buddy Quinn in 1965, that's 40 year ago.
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My Father, Buddy Quinn wrote 'Silence' back in 1973. To his dying day he claimed that 'Silence' was his best write. He wrote well over 200 pieces of music and poems, plus a book (Savage Guns).
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