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One guy, three guitars, a keyboard, a home studio and some 50 years of listening to pop music
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Peak position #75
Original song, written, played, sung and recorded in my home studio Jan/Feb 2019. All rights reserved. Marc Glinert 2019.
Peak in sub-genre #12
Written, played, sung, mixed and mastered by myself in October/November 2016. With huge thanks to my pal Alexis (AlexisDrums) Sebileau for his contribution to the mix process. Copyright 2016 Marc Glinert. All rights reserved.
Peak position #72 1
Just when you thought you knew it all, you find out that, all things considered, you don't know very much, and you're starting to wonder about even that.
Album: 9 songs Peak in sub-genre #32 1
Self written, played and recorded Power Ballad. Copyright © 2008 Marc Glinert. All rights reserved. This work is registered with the UK Copyright Service: Registration number 285425.
Peak in sub-genre #5 1 2
Trying my hand at a funk thing here.
Album: 9 songs Peak in sub-genre #29
Written, sung, played, recorded by myself. With thanks to my friend and bandmate Bernie for the guitar solo. Programmes used: Band-in-a-Box (drum track), Power Tracks Pro Audio, Audacity Gear: Vantage strat copy/Roland Juno-d/plenty of other bi
Album: 9 songs Peak in sub-genre #45
Synth-driven tune written, recorded, mixed and produced by myself using my Roland Juno-D (a lot) and Audacity
Peak position #33
Lead track from my forthcoming album Third Party.
Peak in sub-genre #6
Again, looking to try a new genre with this one. No real story behind the song - more of a story in the song! Thanks for listening
Peak position #64
Another new experience for me here with this 'all acoustic' (ie no drums/no bass) piece. The story is totally fictitious (this is a work of art remember)! Thanks, Marc
Peak position #92
I needed a hard rocking song both for my album and for my band to play live. Here is the result... You should be able to spot the influences easily enough ..Big thank you to my good friend Alexis ( for live drums
Peak in sub-genre #26
A short piece of electronica for a change
Peak position #100 2 2
An instrumental, which I could imagine being used as a tv theme for a sports programme (this summers Olympic Games, maybe) but I guess Im the only one!
Peak position #21
Album: 9 songs Peak position #80
...a response to the never ending stream of advertising thrusting new, improved, cant-live-without products on us.
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