Roland Pada
Rock Philippines
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currently have a que of collaboration work with Mc solid. But unable to record yet due to busy schedule. i will release new songs soon when the break starts :)
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Peak in sub-genre #34
Song inspired by a bunch of running vehicles and some cool car stunts
Peak in sub-genre #29
Song from frozen movie
Peak in sub-genre #55
fingers are back and singing and here's one of the first output of it! #2014
Peak in sub-genre #33
used an instrumental track included in Ai Otsuka's "yumekui" album. recorded my own lead over it!
Peak in sub-genre #47
song recorded way back for greeting people. thinking of updating this version soon!
Peak in sub-genre #30
Peak position #86 1
Slightly mellow tunes
Peak position #53 2 2
heavy metal feel, has harmonized guitar parts and some lead lines in it. Another song made after a long break!
Peak position #43
the best ive got as of now! its has the most badass guitar tracks i could think of as of now. it has dueling lead guitars. volume panning during the guitar solo. volume pan as well during harmonize parts. this song is all about shredding! try it! :)
a come back song..... after long 4 months of no guitar playing heres my current output. hope you guys wont be too hard on me :p
Peak in sub-genre #87
i actually used two guitars here, one with paf joe pick ups....and one with stock dean pick ups.... it has dual solos and harmonized parts....during the dual solo 2 different guitars took part in it, and was performed with volume try it
Peak in sub-genre #94
soft touched song, melodic and jazzy
this one is just abit showing is made way back when i first brought the flying V and i had to test it in a heres what i have come up way back the first day of my guitar! :D this song is on DROP C
a pretty sad emotioned melody..... my atmosphere was kinda sad when i made this one.... Ü
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