Bob Kelly
Jazz Las Vegas, USA
Thank you!
Inspired from the old New Orleans and Memphis kind of blues from the late 50's and early 60's.
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Blues/Rock song I wrote about my past. Sometimes its great to be born on the right side, even if it is the wrong side of the tracks. My good friend Jay Ramsey did the Guitar and Harmonica and I did the rest---Lyrics, Melody and Vocals.
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Blues/Rock song. Jay Ramsey helped by playing harmonica and added some fine guitar playing and I recorded everything else at my recording studio in Las Vegas. Reminisce about the old steam engine train and how you could hear it coming.
Peak position #57
A Conjugatin' Visit makes for a fun song about a place where Blues, Country, and Rock and Roll meet and they call it the crossroads.
Peak position #42
Alt Country Song. Song bout a Dreamer with unusual thoughts. Thanks to my good friend Jay Ramsey for the fine rhythm guitar, lead guitar, and harmonica parts on the song. That's what gave the song it's "Wow" factor.
Peak position #84
A Christmas Song that I wrote a few year ago and I got my good friend and music production partner, Jay Ramsey, to sing it for me. Memories of how Christmas used to Be.
#28 today (Sub-genre)
I wrote this song but I got my friend, Jay Ramsey, to sing it for me and he also does some fine Guitar. All the rest of the track and the background singing is Me and it was recorded it at my Las Vegas Recording Studio.
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Just a "Fun" song about having an inspiration and then going thru the process of getting it all together with the recording process-----getting it "down the road" as it says in the song.
Peak position #19
This is a song that I wrote and recorded at my home studio but I got my good friend Jay Ramsey to sing and play guitar on it for me.
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Thanks to my friend Jay Ramsey for his fine guitar playing on this one. I did the rest of the track in my recording studio here in Las Vegas as well as the vocals.
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